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Is Thrive Market Worth It For A Vegan?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Have you been eyeing up a Thrive Market membership? Maybe wondering if your savings will actually justify the annual cost? Well, I'm here to share some information that may help you decide if a Thrive Membership is worth it for you!

So, what is it? In short, Thrive Market is an online marketplace that offers 25-50% off retail prices on 6,000+ organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products.

I've been using Thrive Market since 2016 (you can see my personal savings below!). As you can imagine, they have grown a lot since then and continue to add more and more products as well as implement better practices, which I am proud to support.

Some wonderful benefits of Thrive Market:

  • Organic – If you prefer to buy organic, they have good prices for organic products, and a wide variety of products to choose from

  • Can sort by diet – This is huge if you are new to eating vegan, keto, Whole30, etc. It is super easy to filter by diet! I'm vegan so I use this feature a lot

  • Shipping - They use 100% recyclable packaging (down to the tape on the box!) and deliver each shipment to your doorstep with a carbon-neutral footprint

  • They give back – With every membership purchased they give a membership to someone in need. Are you someone in need who would love a free membership? You can apply here!

  • Freebies/Coupons – They offer freebies once you get to a certain threshold in your cart. Plus, they often have huge sales which they email you about!

  • Variety – I like that there is everything from food to natural cleaning products

How amazing is that?! By saving money while shopping, you're also helping someone in need and supporting a shipment that is carbon-neutral.

Most people think you have to commit to a full year membership, but that's not the case! The annual membership costs $59.95 (or $5/month) and is billed once yearly. If you opt to do a monthly membership instead, you'll pay $9.95 per month. You'll get free shipping on your first order over $25, plus all orders $49 or more. Not to mention, all memberships come with a risk-free 30-day trial that you can cancel at any time! If you've been curious, there's no reason not to try it; if it's not for you, just cancel!

And the best part? You get to choose a FREE gift, up to $22 value, when you purchase a Thrive Market membership! They also regularly offer a variety of free gifts with purchase that you can choose from. I've chosen free vegan milk, snacks, CBD balms, and much more.

Thrive also has a savings GUARANTEE! If you don’t make back your membership fee in savings by the end of the year, they will automatically give you the difference in Thrive Market credit after you renew. For example, if your membership fee was $60, and you only saved $40 during the year of membership, they will automatically add $20 Thrive Cash to your account after you renew. Here is how much I've saved annually as well as since starting my membership in 2016:

Curious about some of the products I tend to buy on Thrive Market? Here are a couple of unboxing videos so you can see firsthand!

So, do I think it's worth it as a vegan? YES! I get so many amazing discounted products shipped right to my door by a company that is creating positive and sustainable change.

Are you ready to try it out risk-free?! You can click here to learn more about Thrive and sign-up if you're ready. Have any questions? Just leave a comment below!

Thrive Market membership

Thanks for reading!

Stay healthy,


I was not compensated in any way for this post and did not receive any free products.

The blog posts on this website may contain affiliate links which may earn me a small commission if you click through and make a purchase based on my recommendation. They do not affect your purchase in any way. Thank you for supporting Forkin' Plants!

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