This Couple Is Saving The World One Spork At A Time

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

This is the first interview I've done and I'm SO honored to have it be with Amanda and Alberto; my favorite husband and wife duo who run the company Me Mother Earth!

Amanda and Alberto of Me Mother Earth

I met this amazing Las-Vegas based couple in November 2019. I was at the Renegade Craft Fair here in LA, shopping by myself for unique holiday gifts. I passed a booth that was filled with eco-friendly products and had a huge crowd. This guy was rearranging products on a shelf and asked if I've seen their collapsible straw and spork kit. I hadn't, but a spork? Please, tell me more! He then proceeded to take it out and explain everything to me. His deep passion was palpable and I was impressed with everything he showed me. The more he talked about his products, the more interested I became and was basically throwing my money at him! I later found out that this man was Alberto. I ended up buying a few products to give away as gifts. But let's be real, I ended up keeping the spork kit for myself and use it regularly! It comes in handy when I take a quick bite of food in my car, when I go to a coffee shop with no straws, and it's especially great for snacking at the beach!

Since meeting them, I've ordered even more products and have loved everything. Some of my favorites you may have seen me post about are the silicon bowl covers and my bamboo toothbrush holder. They carry everything from kitchen and bathroom products, to beauty and pet care - all to help you live a more plastic-free and sustainable life!

While you can get a lot of similar products on Amazon, I highly recommend ordering from and supporting a small business instead. And the best part? ME Mother Earth has amazing prices! And you can use code '10offForkin' at checkout to save even more money. Many eco-friendly products are marked up which turns away people who may not be ready to spend that much to make sustainable swaps. But Amanda and Alberto are keeping it real with their affordable prices which is one of the many reasons I love them so much!

Ready to learn more about this admirable couple working to save the planet? Read my interview with them below!

1. You’re a husband and wife duo who started your company with a single product. What is that product and what inspired you to create it?