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The Best Easter Brunch Recipes

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I have two favorite holidays when it comes to food; Thanksgiving Dinner and Easter Brunch. With Easter right around the corner (Sunday April 21st, 2019), I compiled some of the best (& healthiest!) recipes from my favorite bloggers to help make your brunch a success!

Growing up in Wisconsin, I spent every Easter at my aunt's house. We always had the same comforting Midwestern food and as I got older (and after going vegan) I started bringing a vegan dish to share and would sneak it onto the table. People rarely knew it was vegan! This Easter seems especially sentimental seeing as my aunt passed away unexpectedly in September. Although I've missed a few Easter celebrations since moving to California, I always looked forward to going when I could, and this holiday tradition is definitely going to be missed. I look forward to creating new traditions starting with sharing these recipes for one of my fave holidays! All of the recipes below are vegan and most of them are also gluten-free! I hope you enjoy.





*All of these bloggers have provided these recipes to me and granted permission to share them.

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