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Vitamix Just Launched Two Amazing New Products!

Vitamix just launched 2 amazing products and I know I have a lot of foodie followers, so I had to share!

The first one, which is available starting September 4th, 2020, is a 12 cup FOOD PROCESSOR attachment that fits right on your Ascent or Venturist Motor Base! The Vitamix Food Processor Attachment is a joy to use - it simplifies food prep so you can spend less time chopping, dicing and slicing, and more time perfecting each delicious, whole-food meal. I'm really considering getting one to replace my Cuisinart. I LOVE my Vitamix so much and know I'll love this too, and it would be nice to get rid of one appliance... plus, how genius is the blade storage?! I'm obsessed. It's also BPA free and dishwasher safe. Watch below to see how easy and efficient it is.

The other new product Vitamix recently launched is a FoodCycler. I'm big on composting and have been taking my food scraps to a local drop-off hosted by LA Compost every Sunday, and that is why I'm excited to share this product. This compact food recycler fits your life (and your living space). All you need is one cubic foot of space and a power outlet to get started—it’s that easy. The carbon filter lid eliminates odors, so you can keep the removable waste bucket under your sink or on your countertop and conveniently fill it with food scraps after every meal.

Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more—the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste. From morning to night, Vitamix FoodCycler makes it easy to take care of yourself (and the planet). How cool is that?! While composting is virtually free in most places, I know some people who would prefer to compost in their own kitchen without doing much work, making this product a great option. How does it work? Simply toss your food scraps into the bucket, press the button, and relax. The FoodCycler breaks down food waste into a tenth of its original volume and creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can add to your soil. Watch more below and check it out here.

Planning to buy from Vitamix (or any other qualifying store) and want to save money? Rakuten has 4.5% cashback on Vitamix, so be sure to activate that to save some moola! Click here to learn more and get $10 free just for joining. It's super easy to use and I've already made $107 cashback since January just from purchases I was already making!

Already have one of these new products? I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below! As always, feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for reading!

Stay healthy,


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