My All-Natural Skincare Routine

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

If you're anything like me, then you probably grew up using your mom's skincare products, not really knowing much about how to care for your skin. My routine as a teenager (when I actually did it) was basic: wash my face and put lotion on - because that's what I was taught. For most of my life, I always used the products I saw other women in my life using, or ones that had the best commercials, regardless of whether or not they worked for my skin. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I switched to all natural skincare, but I was still using what I saw other people using, or the brands with the best packaging and marketing, and wasn't really taking into account what my skin really needed.

A few months ago I began seeing Hayley the Therapeutic Skin Coach for some acne issues I've been having. Ever since stopping birth control last year, I had occasional acne that always got worse around my menstrual cycle. Even though I eat very healthy 95% of the time, the acne would occasionally present itself and it became frustrating because I thought I was doing everything correctly and eating well for my skin. Thankfully, Hayley walked me through everything going on with my skin, what it was stemming from, and what it needed. Some of my breakouts were hormone related, some were digestion related, some were just little spots on the surface of my skin that would quickly go away, but what she taught me is that it was all my body's way of communicating with me.

Thanks to Hayley I learned all about intuitive skincare. Most of us use the same skincare products every day, all year long. Instead, we should be intuitively choosing our products based on our needs. Just as produce is seasonal and we should eat a variety of foods each day for different vitamins and minerals, our skincare should be treated the same way. The best skincare routine will come from listening to your skin's needs. Our needs are much different in the hot, humid summer than they are in the cold, dry winter and what we use on our skin should account for this. Choose the products each day that resonate most with you - this could change daily! It's also important to use natural products that have no scent, or a scent that you like. For months I was using a cleanser from a popular all-natural brand and I hated the scent - it smelled like beer to me! But, I still used it because I had no idea that this was important. As Hayley explains, if you don't like the scent of your product, that's a good indicator that you will not benefit from it. Once I started using a cleanser that had a pleasent scent that I enjoyed, I began to also enjoy my entire skincare routine. The more I focused on using the best products for me and allowing myself the time to check in with my skin and properly cleanse, the less it felt like a chore and the more meditative the process became. Don't get me wrong, some nights when I'm super sleepy it can still feel like a chore, but overall I thoroughly enjoy the process and know that by spending a few minutes checking in with myself, I'm setting myself up for success each day and night.

Ok, now let's talk about products!

The products Hayley recommended for me were:

Odacite Aloe + Immortelle Treatment Mist - This rejuvenating facial mist is a very effective and innovative way to infuse your skin with anti-aging actives and perfect hydration Kypris Antioxidant Dew - Restores Strength, Vitality, & Radiance To The Skin With Distinct Forms Of Antioxidants + A Host Of Soothing Botanical Nutrients Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream - lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and helps protect against visible damage caused by environmental stressors (see below)