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Are Vegans Deficient in Omega 3?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

In this video we're discussing Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids that we get from our diet, because our bodies do not make them. I'm sharing my levels, how I'm increasing omega 3, how I'm decreasing omega 6 and much more!

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I've been vegan for 14 years. I believe it is the best diet for my blood type as well as my genetics as I have borderline high cholesterol (I don't eat any, my body naturally produces a lot) and I have a high risk of heart disease. I've been healing myself naturally for years now and the imbalance of Omega's is a new discovery. This is still a work in progress and I'm still learning. I'm just sharing what I've learned about omegas to this point!

▶ Key Takeaways:

⩥ Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory

⩥ Omega 6 is pro-inflammatory

⩥ Inflammation can lead to disease

⩥ Omega 3's consist of ALA, EPA, DHA

⩥ ALA is easy to get on a vegan diet, EPA and DHA are not

⩥The only vegan source of EPA and DHA is seaweed and algae

⩥ Omega 6 is found in seed and vegetable oils

⩥ Our bodies store omega 6 and it can be a long process to get rid of them

⩥ It's important to get your levels tested and only supplement what you know you need

⩥ Leaky gut could affect your body's ability to absorb nutrients

I originally had my omega levels tested by a doctor who used True Health Diagnostics.

I then started going to Sayana Medical Medical and Wellness Center (they take insurance!) and they used Boston Heart Diagnostics for my follow-up testing.

You can also test your own levels at home with Everlywell (it's cheapest on Target).

Vegan/Vegetarian EPA & DHA are difficult to find, but here is the supplement my doctor recommended: Nordic Naturals Algae Omega

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! And if this is something you’re also struggling with, let’s connect!



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